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Detention hearing for man accused of possessing pipe bombs pushed to Monday

Jeremy Giliberti, 51, was arrested last week. Officials say he had four pipe bombs in his car.

Matt Trapani and Chris Keating

Aug 2, 2023, 8:47 PM

Updated 322 days ago


A man accused of driving around Hamilton Township with pipe bombs in his car faced a judge on Wednesday.
Jeremy Giliberti, 51, appeared virtually from a room at the county jail where he's locked up.
Judge Robert Bingham was on the bench for this case and pushed the detention hearing to Monday. This will give the prosecution and defense more time to review the evidence of the case.
Authorities say that Hamilton police pulled Giliberti over last Wednesday along South Broad Street. They say he was driving a green Honda and was stopped in the parking lot of a Metro T-Mobile.
Hamilton Police say two officers approached and questioned Giliberti in his car and discovered four devices that appeared pipe bombs. Officials say the devices were sitting on the floorboard of the front passenger seat. The devices had caps and green wicks. Authorities say one more similar device was found inside Giliberti’s Mount Laurel home.
News 12 New Jersey looked into Giliberti’s prior criminal record. It includes DUI charges, driving without a license and receiving stolen property. There did not appear to be any history of violence or weapons offenses.
Giliberti is charged with possession of a destructive device. He will be staying at the Mercer County Jail for the time being.

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