Coronavirus surge fans fears of possible second COVID-19 wave this fall

As coronavirus cases surge across the country, there are fears of a possible second wave in the fall.
The latest report from Johns Hopkins University shows there are now more than 8 million cases in the U.S. with at least 10 states breaking records on Friday.
Officials say COVID-19 deaths for a single day in Illinois were back up to the highest levels since June, and cases in Connecticut and Florida increased by 50% or more.
Cases in another 27 states rose between 10 and 50%. Only two states, Vermont and Missouri, are reporting more than 10% improvement in the average number of reported cases over the past week.
President Donald Trump even tweeted a rare acknowledgement that COVID-19 cases are rising. Health Secretary Alex Azar blames the rise in cases on "mitigation fatigue."
Democrats are calling on the Trump administration to take action, demanding that the Department of Health and Human Services release $9 billion in funding for a COVID-19 testing and tracing program.
New York is implementing a micro-cluster strategy this fall. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state will target restrictions in refined areas based on case data, as opposed to implementing broad and disruptive restrictions regionally.