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City of Paterson declares state of emergency amid flooding

The state of emergency will likely stay in effect until Tuesday.

Naomi Yané

Dec 18, 2023, 11:13 PM

Updated 184 days ago


After floodwaters shut down roads and forced water rescues, the City of Paterson declared a state of emergency that will likely stay in effect until Tuesday.
The Passaic River is expected to crest, and by 12 p.m. Tuesday, there could be more flooding, especially in low-lying areas. The city has decided to close schools due to the possible flooding.
Roads like River Street and Route 20 all saw closures on Monday. Many residents woke up Monday morning to the road closures on their way to work and school. There are still some closures throughout the city.
On Monday night, both the Temple Street and Arch Street bridges reopened. However, with the Passaic expected to crest 10 feet over its banks, closures could go back into effect Tuesday. The city is already planning the distribution of resources.
"We’re splitting the resources on the other side of the river just in case there’s a rescue operation that is needed…we’ve done that in the past when we’ve had that issue, so we want to be properly prepared in the event that anyone is in danger as a result of the severe flooding," said Mayor Andre Sayegh.
According to the superintendent of schools, school buildings and surrounding streets were badly impacted, so schools and district officers will be closed Tuesday and after-school programs are canceled. 

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