Caught on camera: 3 suspects break into Fairfield home while homeowners slept

A barking dog scared the thieves off, but they were able to get away.

Chris Keating

Mar 15, 2024, 9:53 PM

Updated 34 days ago


Police in Fairfield want the public’s help finding three men wanted for a home burglary early Friday morning. The crime took place on Craig Place while the homeowners were inside around 4:30 a.m.
Police want the public’s help looking for a getaway car described as a blue BMW X5 with Pennsylvania plates.
Surveillance video from the backyard shows the entire break-in. First, one suspect is seen walking onto the back porch, followed by a second. Both suspects wore hoods and masks to conceal their faces.
They quickly found a way inside through an unlocked rear window. That’s when they called over a third suspect to help.
Eventually, two go inside. There’s a moment of silence and then a dog can be heard barking from inside. That’s when both men run from the home and the property with four sets of car keys. However, they’re not able to steal one of the cars out front.
Fairfield Police Officer Stacy Chiarolanza says that with the help of Ring doorbell video, the homeowners were able to see what was happening at their back door.
“They were able to see what was going on, on the Ring Camera and they called us immediately,” Chiarolanza says. “While they were on the phone with us, the dog scared them away and they were gone before we got there.”
It wasn’t their first target along Craig Place. Police say the thieves also went into a car at a neighboring home but didn’t actually steal anything.
There were patrols in the neighborhood on Friday and a police car was positioned along Craig Place. Police are asking neighbors to check their surveillance video for images of the suspects. They ask that residents look between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.
“We ask anyone who has any video of anything in that time frame to send it to us,” Chiarolanza says.
Police say the BMW used as a getaway car was stolen from Woodbridge on Thursday.
Police say after these suspects left Fairfield, they went to nearby North Caldwell and stole a car from there.

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