Police: Attempted murderer considered escapee after failing to return to halfway house after work

The search for a fugitive in Burlington County has expanded.
Police say Edward Berbon never returned from his job and has been gone since Saturday. Berbon has been working in Mount Laurel as part of the New Jersey Department of Corrections’ Residential Community Release Program since March 2023.
Police say Berbon was staying at a halfway house in Camden County on conditions of the work release program. By failing to return to the halfway house after work, police say Berbon is now considered an escapee.
The Mount Laurel Police Department told News 12 New Jersey that they have had not had any contact with Berbon since he has been working at the halfway house. Police also confirmed Berbon does not reside in Mount Laurel. They say there is no information to indicate he is currently in the township.
The DOC is handling the investigation and says Berbon does not pose a threat to the public.
Berbon served 18 years of his sentence and was scheduled to be released in February, according to police.