Are you paying more at the pump? 1 spot in New Jersey is already over $3

Gas prices in New Jersey are climbing, and some parts of the Garden State, such as Clark, have already passed the $3 mark.
It’s $3.05 cash for a gallon of regular gas at the Exxon station. It's $3.15 if you're paying with card.
AAA says the average price of a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey is around $2.96 a gallon, up almost 25 cents and $0.63 higher than this time last year.
The price increase is mainly because the demand for gas has also gone up.
But there are other factors leading to the gas price increase, including higher crude oil prices. Also, a different type of gas is used during the summer months that is more expensive.
The last time New Jersey saw gas prices nearing $3 was in June of 2018.