400 million free N-95 masks coming to pharmacies across the US. Here’s what you need to know.

Pharmacies are getting ready to receive the first shipment of government-provided N95 masks, at a time when cases continue to fall across New Jersey.
Four-hundred million N95 masks are coming to pharmacies and community centers nationwide, according to the Biden administration.
Local pharmacies are anticipating a shipment as early as Friday. At the same time, government-provided testing kits are in the mail to those who ordered off covidtests.gov website. The masks and texting kits are free. 
The demand is not as strong as it was around the holidays. Pharmacies report little to no lines on days when they offer testing, and at-home kits are now readily available for purchase
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New Jersey is about two weeks past Omicron's peak of more than 30,000 new cases a day in the week following the new year. Case numbers are back aligned with what was seen nearly two months ago.  
CVS announced it will offer three masks per person to allow supplies to last.