Young ‘superheroes’ give back to their community – one care package at a time

At only 5 years old, a pair of Newark kids are already learning lessons about service to others and are on a quest to help communities in need – one care package at a time.
Thor Watson and Kamil Lannaman are two friends trying to make a difference in the world.
“We’re supposed to leave the world better than we found it,” Thor Watson says.
The pair call their effort “Kidz That Give,” and in just a year what started as an aspiration for both boys turned into a recurring service project.
“When I grow up, I want to build houses for people who are homeless,” Thor says.
“Both of the boys mentioned how they wanted to either help people who didn’t have food or help people who didn’t have a home,” says Kamil's mother, Crystal Lannamen.
The mothers of both boys are members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority – a service organization. They both also have ties to Newark, so the city seemed like the best place to start.
“I was actually really surprised at the level of homelessness in Newark,” says Thor's mother, Jewel McGowan-Watson. “I don’t think there’s actually a lack of people that care, because every time we go out, we see lots of different groups that are doing things.”
Before the boys go out to deliver their care packages, there is a little prep work that happens at home. The boys and their mothers fill bags with snacks, water and essential items like hand sanitizer and face masks. Every bag gets a handmade card from one of the boys.
Because of the pandemic, there aren’t many places that the boys can volunteer. There also aren’t many places that allow small children to volunteer. The boys and their mothers are doing this all on their own.
So, why do they help others?
“Because God wants us to do this, and I’m helping them and I love to do this,” says Kamil Lannaman.
The boys will be back distributing their care packages on April 24. Anyone who would like to join them can email