Will supply chain issues impact NJ residents stocking up for Saturday nor’easter?

As New Jersey gets ready for an impending snowstorm, could the mad dash to the grocery store put a bigger strain on stores already dealing with empty shelves?
Stew Leonard’s in Paramus will be open Friday morning and is expecting plenty of customers stocking up ahead of the storm. Some people were out earlier on Thursday to get their supplies.
“I’m trying to beat tomorrow’s craziness, so I’m getting it done today,” says Jeanmarie Gallagher, of Washington Township.
But the supply chain issues that America has been dealing with over the last few months may also impact those who are trying to stock up.
Penny Mann says she comes from Rockland County, New York to stop at the Stew Leonard’s to ensure she gets everything she needs.
“Any ShopRite that you go to, any Walmart that you go to – you can’t find anything,” Mann says.
Americans are seeing supply shortages across the country, across different industries, forcing shoppers to go without their items or wait longer for the things that they want. But this is not the case everywhere. Stew Leonard’s shelves were mostly full when News 12 went there on Thursday.
“This is surprising, to be honest with you, that they still have their shelves stocked,” says Mann.
Go-to snowstorm items like milk, eggs and bread seemed to still be in stock.
“We have arrangements with our purveyors we've had for years - long-standing contracts. We have had no shortages,” says manager Steve Tampf. “We have plenty of meat, plenty of cold cuts. We never run short at Stew Leonard's.”
And while the supply chain issues may not be impacting all local grocery stores, shoppers are still urged to get out there early since items tend to sell out during bad snowstorms.