Virtual appointments available for people who suffer injuries, want to avoid hospitals

People across New Jersey who have been suffering other sorts of injuries may choose to avoid getting treatment, as hospitals have focused on treating people with coronavirus.
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If you're a weekend fitness warrior who now has the time to work out every day, or someone who simply is getting the yard in shape during the nice weather the past three days, injuries could happen.
The director of Sports Medicine at NJ Spine and Wellness says they are receiving an abundance of injury-related calls from those who don't want to burden already taxed hospitals.
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"We had a gentleman who was riding a tractor and just the very nature of being on a tractor and vibrations in it because his forces that go through the spine where it encouraged his disc to herniate and slide backwards and put pressure on the nerve roots coming out of his spine," says Baker.
Baker says a telehealth platform has been utilized by patients nearly 1,000 times during the pandemic, allowing them medical advice without even leaving their homes.

"I’ve seen so many people getting injured from exercising at home as they do doing stuff around the house,” says Baker.
So, if you're in pain and have been avoiding the hospital, call 877-333-NJSW or click here.