Video appears to show Midland Park gym owner stealing from vehicles while clients worked out

The owner of a Midland Park gym is facing charges after he was accused of stealing from his customers’ cars while they were working out.
Police say that Greg Baiunco, owner of Hit Zone, was caught after customers set up a hidden camera and caught him in the act.
Police say that the gym clients will often park on the corner of Central Avenue while they work out. They say that Baiunco would unlock the cars, rummage through them and steal.
Video from the hidden cameras appears to show Baiunco stealing $700 in cash from one client’s bag. Another time he appears to steal a wallet and some cash from a truck. He is now facing charges of theft and burglary.
“It’s disgusting. It’s someone you think you trust,” says one victim, who wished to remain anonymous. “You go somewhere to better yourself. You’re paying them to be there.”
The victim provided News 12 New Jersey with the videos. He says that he knew something was up at the gym because money kept going missing from his wallet. But until the saw the video, he says he just didn't know who was doing it.
“When it happens multiple times, you eventually catch on,” the victim says. “It was very simple. I set up a camera, and the first day I set it up it happened."
The victims tell News 12 that all of the gym's clients park on the street. After a 35-minute workout, all go for a quick run up a nearby hill. They say that’s when the money was stolen from cars. They say that they trusted Baiunco enough to leave their car keys out in the open in the gym.
"It's very clear from the outside videos we took - he takes your keys from inside, you're at the top of the hill running, and he comes out and go right in your car,” the victim says.
Midland Park Police Chief Mike Powderley says that $1,000 was reported missing, but he believes more charges and more victims may follow.
Powderley confirmed that Baiunco sits on the Recreation Board in Midland Park. News 12 did not get an answer from that department as to what his status on that board may be following these charges.
Hit Zone gym was not open on Wednesday. News 12 tried to reach out to Baiunco but could not get a comment. He's scheduled to appear in court later this month.