Veterinarians warn against participating in ‘Dog-Egg Challenge’

Veterinarians are warning pet owners not to participate in the newest social media viral craze known as the “Dog-Egg Challenge.”
In the so-called challenge, a raw egg is placed in a dog’s mouth to see if they can hold it or break it. The challenge apparently began after a video of a golden retriever doing it went viral. Golden retrievers are said to have such gentle mouths that they won’t crack an egg.
But pet experts say that participating in the challenge could be deadly to dogs.
“I think it’s not a challenge at all. It’s foolish because it puts the pet at risk,” says News 12 New Jersey’s Dr. Brian Voynick.
Dr. Voynick hosts News 12’s pet shown “The Pet Stop” and is also the director of the American Animal Hospital in Randolph.
“If the pet should actually break the egg, it could potentially inhale the egg contents and that goes into the lungs and that…can become aspiration pneumonia,” Voynick says.
Dr. Voynick also say that dogs are at risk of getting salmonella should they consume the cracked egg during the challenge.
Some pet owners who spoke with News 12 say that they do not understand the appeal the challenge.
“I don’t like the idea of a raw egg. I wouldn’t eat it, so why would I feed it to my dog?” asks pet owner Christine Ondov.
Dr. Voynick says that exercising with your dog is a much better alternative than trying to create viral videos with them.