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Union City residents express disappointment about Sen. Menendez’s indictment

Union City residents had mixed feelings about the senator's latest corruption charges.

Naomi Yané

Sep 26, 2023, 2:20 AM

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Sen. Bob Menendez spoke publicly Monday for the first time since his indictment on bribery charges. The senator vowed to fight the charges against him.
Union City residents had mixed feelings about the senator's latest corruption charges.
One woman who didn't want to be named said she was saddened to hear that a Latino brother was being accused of such crimes and he’s innocent until proven guilty
Miguel Del Valle grew up in Union City and feels that even if the case went to trial, the senator’s influence in New Jersey is too great.
“He is a person that has no heart. He only cares about him...I don’t think he’s going to lose. He’s got a lot of power. Nothing is going to happen to him, he’s a very powerful man,” Del Valle said.
During a news conference in Union City Monday, Menendez said, "To those who have rushed to judgment, you have done so based on a limited set of facts, framed by the prosecution to be as salacious as possible. Remember, prosecutors get it wrong sometimes. Sadly, I know that."
State Senate Minority leader Anthony Bucco joined the list of politicians calling on Menendez’s resignation.
"Elected officials must be held to the highest of standards and have the confidence of the people they represent,” Bucco said. "At this point, having been stripped of his leadership duties, he cannot effectively represent the residents of the state. For that reason, he should resign immediately."
This isn’t the first time the senator has faced corruption charges. He was indicted in 2015 and went to trial in 2017 and that case ended in a mistrial.
Watch Menendez deliver remarks to the public below:

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