Police: 2 cars stolen from Summit driveway used in police chase   

Police say the thieves stole two key fobs and a wallet, then sped off in the cars.

Lanette Espy

Dec 11, 2023, 12:47 PM

Updated 187 days ago


Police say two homeowners in Summit woke up to find their house broken into and both of their BMW’s missing. Both of their missing cars were involved in a police chase.
Authorities say two thieves entered a house on Tulip Street on Saturday around 4 a.m. They say the thieves entered the home through an interior garage door after accessing a remote door opener from one of the vehicles in the driveway.
Police say the thieves stole two key fobs and a wallet containing credit cards and cash from the kitchen area before speeding off in a BMW X7 and 2021 BMW X3. Both cars then ended up pursued by the cops. The suspects got away.
According to authorities, the homeowners say they had no idea about any of this until the police called them the next morning.
Anyone with surveillance footage of possible suspects or an unknown vehicle in the Tulip Street area between Mountain Avenue and Ashland Road should contact the Detective Bureau at 908-273-0051.

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