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Trenton woman left critically injured in coma after hit-and-run incident

Shaniqua Reid says her mother was in the hospital for several days before anyone was able to identify her.

Naomi Yané

Nov 7, 2023, 3:19 AM

Updated 224 days ago


A daughter is seeking justice for her mother after a hit-and-run driver left her injured on the roadway.
Shaniqua Reid is the eldest daughter of 51-year-old Trenton resident Eileen Reid. On Saturday, Oct. 28, Eileen was hit by a driver who didn't stop near the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Southard Street. Shaniqua started calling local hospitals when she did not hear from her mother for a few days. Because Eileen was near her home, she didn't have any identification on her.
"I got a phone call saying that [my mom] hadn’t shown up to home for about four days and she’d possibly been hit by a car. Wednesday afternoon I decided to go to the trauma center in Trenton,” Shaniqua says. “They also didn’t have any information on her, which I did explain to them that she could possibly been a Jane Doe.”
Five days after the hit-and-run, Shaniqua finally tracked her mother down after reaching out to the Trenton Police Department.
"They were able to look at a police report that matched the same story that I was giving them. And then, I was told I had to sit down with a detective,” Shaniqua says.
News 12 reached out to law enforcement, but the case is still under investigation. Shaniqua says people in her mother’s Trenton neighborhood told her there were possibly two cars involved and they may have been racing, which she says is common. She says she hopes surveillance cameras in the area will find the person or persons responsible for her mother’s injuries.
"There is cameras and stuff. There’s not many stoplights, so like, you just keep going. I’ve seen it for myself,” she says.
Eileen, a mother of eight, is in a coma in critical condition. Her family is pleading for anyone with information to come forward.
"It’s kind of sad that we live in a world where people just don’t care about other humans and just kind of left my mom there to like to suffer,” Shaniqua says.
Anyone who might have information should contact the Trenton Police Department.

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