Toys under $20: Here’s how you can save money on your holiday purchases

News 12 New Jersey is highlighting several Christmas gifts for everyone, from your teenager to your tots, that you can still get for under $20.
Some new pony riding friends are one of several toys James Zahn, the senior editor of The Toy Insider, says families can find at a budget friendly price of less than $20.
For Pokémon fanatics, The Pokémon trading card game Battle Academy is a gateway to enter a new world of Pokémon, and from the furry world of Paw Patrol is Chases' City Police Cruiser.
All inexpensive toys for any family feeling the effect of the rising inflation rate that's hit a 39-year high this year.
“Of course you go to the grocery store you know you're weekly bill is bigger,” says Zahn. “We've seen that in toys, too, and not just regular inflation. We've had the supply chain issue which has led to a price increase in raw materials that, of course, leads to higher prices at the register so toys are about $1 or two higher on average.”
Zahn says toys like these are also pretty well stocked, even this close to Christmas Day.
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