From a pup to slime: Here are some toys that help kids manage their feelings

News 12 New Jersey is highlighting several Christmas gifts for everyone, including toys that help kids manage their feelings.
James Zahn, senior editor of The Toy Insider, is sharing the toys available that can help children cope and rebuild their emotions.
“You want things that are comforting and engaging all the senses, and we're going to start it off with this little gut here this is Pawz the Calming Pup,” says Zahn.
Zahn says the first toy on his In My Feelings list switches colors as it teaches breathing exercises that can calm and sooth your kids.

“Kenetic sand is from Spin Master,” says Zahn. “This has been super popular the last couple years and this is something not only kids enjoy, but also grownups as well. There's something that connects with people of all ages with being able to do these satisfying sensory textures.

Some toys that help kids manage their feelings - also fall into the DIY category.

Playing with soft gooey stuff with your hands is definitely a theme to help kids to get in their feelings, and slime is still huge for kids. Compound Kings Butter Cloud Slime is a guey-licious choice for a Christmas gift.

“This comes in all different kinds of colors and is something that engages the senses,” says Zahn. “These toys are things that help with the emotion and it calms and sooths.”

Both kids and adults can use the benefits, especially during the holidays.