Grow your kids’ creativity skills: Here are some STEM toys for this holiday

News 12 New Jersey is highlighting several Christmas gifts for everyone, including presents that encourage curiosity, make problem solving fun, and grow creativity skills -- called STEM toys.
“Oh, my favorite this year?” says James Zahn, the senior editor of The Toy Insider. “I'm going to go with the Lukey Labs Robo Max Trex. This one is a 3-foot tall robotic dinosaur that actually has lights and sounds."
From a giant robot your child can build, to using the Incredible Inflatable Aero Dancer to teach kids about velocity and the way motors work, Zahn has some unique and affordable STEM toy picks on his list!
Zahn says the toys will make parents feel good about what they're giving to their kids for the holidays, especially now.
“In this era we live in where folks are spending more time at home and kids are tethered to electronic devices, you got to wonder about what they're actually learning and with STEM and in some cases we call it STEAM -- science, technology, engineering, arts and math -- kids are playing, but they're actually learning as they play so it's a way to make learning fun,” says Zahn.
The STEM or STEAM toys run from $20 to no more than $60.
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