Thunderstorms clear out; temperatures cool for upcoming weekend

Powerful thunderstorms are on their way out, and cooler air is on its way across New Jersey.
Thursday saw temperatures reach the mid- to upper-80s in parts of New Jersey. Those warmer temperatures fueled Thursday evening's storms. Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says that now a cold front will be making its way to New Jersey.
Thursday's overnight hours will see partly cloudy skies, with temperatures dipping to the low-50s.
Friday will see mostly sunny skies with temperatures around 69 degrees. Overnight lows will be around 48.
Saturday will see mostly overcast skies with a chance for a rain shower. Daytime highs will be around 71 degrees, with overnight lows cooling to the low-50s.
Easter Sunday will be dry with temperatures in the low-50s. Overnight lows will cool to the lower-40s.