‘The planes are very, very, very safe’: Friday was second busiest day at US airports since March, TSA says

Some New Jerseyans are packing up and ready to travel this week for Thanksgiving, while others are preparing for a socially-distant Thanksgiving.
According to AAA, nearly nine in 10 New Jerseyans aren't traveling for Thanksgiving, but that number seems off if you look at Newark Liberty International Airport, as well as other airports around the country.
Friday was the second busiest day at airports since the pandemic brought air travel to a near standstill in March. The Transportation Security Administration screened a little more than one million people at U.S. airports, still 60% less than the Friday before Thanksgiving a year ago.
The Kelly family, from Sea Bright, say they're not letting the coronavirus ruin their holiday plans, saying, “The planes are very, very, very safe. All the air filtration systems, so we feel great about it."
There are new guidelines for people flying internationally. The CDC recommends taking three COVID-19 tests. The first one, one to three days before traveling, the second, the same procedure before the return trip and the third, 3-5 days after traveling.
Nearly half of the people say they're not traveling because of the coronavirus pandemic, while 85% say the pandemic poses a risk when it comes to travel.