Uptick in air travelers reported despite CDC advising against Thanksgiving travel

Members of the federal government have been pleading their case now for days to advise against travel this week for Thanksgiving, but the numbers show that many people are not listening.
Even though federal agencies say do not travel, News 12 saw tons of people getting on and off flights at Newark Airport.
Many of the travelers News 12 spoke to say they are taking precautions, but aren't letting the coronavirus ruin their plan.
Friday was the second busiest day at airports since the pandemic brought air travel to a near standstill in March.
The Transportation Security Administration screened slightly more than 1 million people at U.S. airports.
While that's still only 40% of the volume screened on the Friday before Thanksgiving a year ago, it marks only the second time since mid-March that 1 million people have been screened in a day.
For those flying internationally, the CDC recommends taking three COVID-19 tests. The first should be done one to three days before traveling. The second one should be done before the return trip and the third, three to five days after traveling.
The CDC recommends not traveling for the holiday to keep everyone safe.