The new normal? Coronavirus dread has parts of NJ looking like a ghost town

New Jersey has seen cases of coronavirus exponentially increase over the past week, leading local leaders to request that people try to limit as much social interaction as possible.
The dread and concern about the virus have left many parts of the Garden State looking like a ghost town, with empty streets and abandoned businesses. News 12’s Brian Donohue says that it almost feels like the day before a major blizzard or perhaps like the days after the Sept. 11 attacks or Superstorm Sandy.
Shopping plazas all over the state were empty. Street parking was difficult as many people chose not to go into work. Commuter trains were empty as well.
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But Donohue said that grocery stores around the state did seem to be crowded as many people rushed out to get supplies in case they need to be quarantined. Stores around the state were running out of items like bottled water, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Certain food items were also in short supply.
One surprisingly busy place in New Jersey was White Wolf tattoo in Hazlet. The business was offering reduced $13 tattoos to celebrate Friday the 13th. It seemed that many felt that during a viral outbreak was as good a day as any to get a new tattoo.
It seems as if the new normal has arrived in the Garden State.