SWAT Team to patrol Newark in wake of Buffalo shooting, increased violence

On the heels of a violent mass shooting at a Buffalo, New York supermarket, the city of Newark is putting a new plan in place if police ever have to deal with an active shooter situation.
Law enforcement officials say that the concern is that Newark could be targeted, specifically schools, houses of worship or grocery stores.
The plan of protection involves making sure the city’s SWAT team is standing at the ready.
Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara says that the SWAT team will be used in small teams to patrol supermarkets and areas in the city’s business district.
"Typically, our SWAT personnel are utilized in response to an emergency,” O’Hara said in a statement. "But because of the heartbreaking shooting and innocent lives lost in Buffalo and in other U.S. cities in recent incidents, our SWAT teams will be on patrol both day and at night.”
The plan is also to increase active shooter training.
New Jersey has seen a significant rise in gun violence over the last few months. Two children were wounded in a drive-by shooting in Newark earlier this month. They were sitting in the back of their mother’s car.
A 9-year-old was shot and killed by a stray bullet in Trenton in March while she was outside her home.
And earlier this week in Carteret a 27-year-old man was shot and killed in what seemed to be a daytime execution while he sat in his car.