Damp, dreary Sunday in New Jersey; temps in the 50s

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Scott Sincoff says rain chances for New Jersey are lowering for Sunday, but will still be on the damp and dreary side of things. Showers will be mainly in north and central Jersey throughout the day as temperatures chill throughout the day. 
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy to overcast with isolated showers. Colder as the day goes on. Highs in the 50s.
SUNDAY NIGHT: Cloudy and foggy with a shower chance. Lows in the 40s.
MONDAY: Rainy and cool. Highs in the 50s.
HALLOWEEN TUESDAY: Partly cloudy and breezy. Highs in the 50s - 40s for Trick-or-Treating.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy, cold, and breezy with a shower chance. Highs scraping 50.
THURSDAY: Sunny and cool. Highs in the 50s.
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and milder. Highs in the 50s.
SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and warmer. Highs in the 60s.