Summer's drought has altered timing of fall foliage in the Hudson Valley

Experts say this past summer's drought has altered the fall foliage in the Hudson Valley
The fall foliage in the Hudson Valley is a spectacular sight loved by residents and tourists alike. But just like a recipe, the perfect blend of summer conditions is needed to get those incredible autumn hues.
Warm days, crisp nights and lots of moisture are ideal conditions ahead of the fall foliage. This summer's drought altered the course this year. This means that foliage aficionados will have a shorter window to get in their leaf peeping.
"Some trees are going to have these very bright colors but very short time compared to normal because of the drought, whereas other trees are going to cut the leaf off earlier before it even changes colors. You're really going to get this dried out brown," says Matthew Aiello, of Pace University's Environmental Studies and Sciences.
And it's getting more difficult to pinpoint those peak viewing times because extreme weather events such as droughts are becoming more common as the climate changes.
"We'll still see brilliant colors every year, for the most part. It's just predicting the timing is going to be really hard," Aiello explains.
However, there are certain places in the Hudson Valley where the colors will be more vibrant. For example, areas with less of the extreme drought are a better bet for brilliant hues.
"If you want to see that real, fruity pebbles look than you're probably best going a little further north, or even a little further west as well," Aiello recommends.