Summer in October? Tri-state sees rare trend of 80-degree temps near Halloween

Many locations across the tri-state area could see 80-degree temperatures between now and Saturday just days ahead of Halloween. How rare is this?
New York City is forecast to reach 82 degrees on Saturday, which would be just shy of the record high set in 1919 of 83 degrees.
Records are being challenged across the rest of the tri-state area too, including coastal locations that are typically colder such as Islip on Long Island and Bridgeport in Connecticut. While the 80s are unlikely there, the mid-70s would be enough to break decades-old records in those locations.
While these 80-degree occurrences are not very common, they are happening more often, especially for New York City, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. Breaking it down by decade, there has been an increase in 80-degree October days since the 1970s, nearly doubling over the last four decades. MORE: Above-average temps nearing records this week. How are those records tracked?
In addition to the record highs, the month of October has also been trending above average. The last 10 Octobers ran 1.5 degrees above the average, and this October is expected to end above that mark, too.
With these trends, expect more summerlike days in October in the coming years. According to Climate Central, temperatures have gone up nearly two degrees during the fall season at Central Park. This warming trend has numerous implications, from agriculture to heating and air conditioning needs. T-shirt and shorts weather is now mixed in during a time when many start to take out heavier jackets or even coats. We will continue to track this warmup this weekend, and the colder weather on the way for Halloween.