State senator introduces bill to allow New Jerseyans to grow marijuana at home

A New Jersey state senator has introduced a bill that would allow adults 21 years old and up to grow their own marijuana plants at home.
Sen. Vin Gopal’s bill is geared toward anyone who wants to grow cannabis for recreational use. The bill pushes for up to six plants for recreational use and 10 plants for medicinal use.
“Anyone should be able to have access to this plant, whether it is for medical purposes or for your own personal use,” says Susanna Short.
Short is the co-founder of the New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association and a cannabis industry consultant. She says that home-grow is a big topic when talking about the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. She says that consumers being able to grow their own plants would be a game-changer.
Marijuana industry insiders say that home-grow is about access and affordability.
Gopal wrote on Twitter, “Home grow just makes sense. Let people be. They’re not hurting anyone and it helps, especially on the medical side as well. Then we should embrace it.”
Gopal isn’t the only lawmaker pushing for home-grow. Earlier this year, state Sen. Troy Singleton introduced a bill to increase access to marijuana. The bill also included home-grow.
“This is not a new conversation in New Jersey. Certainly not a new conversation in cannabis decriminalization and legalization in general,” says Short. “It’s sort of the buckets that need to be addressed as you develop a regulated program.”
If Gopal’s bill become a law, New Jerseyans wouldn’t be busted for a crime that currently can get someone locked up for up to five years.
Gopal’s bill put a cap at 12 plants per household.