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Some New Jersey schools getting more days off this spring thanks to lack of snow

Some New Jersey school districts are turning unused snow days into more time off this spring.

Lanette Espy and Tony Caputo

Apr 28, 2023, 11:06 AM

Updated 445 days ago


An already long Memorial Day weekend will now be even longer for many students in New Jersey. Thanks to little to no snow this winter, many school districts in the state are getting additional days off this spring.
School districts build in a few extra days to meet the state-mandated requirement to be open 180 days. When these days are not used, schools can add days off or end the school year earlier. This can also work in reverse. Districts sometimes have to add days when, for example, more snow days than anticipated are used.
In Kenilworth, the school's calendar had three snow, emergency and inclement weather days built in. With less snow this year, this means the snow days were not used. Kenilworth school districts will now have the Friday before as well as the Tuesday after Memorial Day for a nice five-day weekend.
Other school districts making a similar decision include Cranford, Edison, Keyport and Glen Rock. Meanwhile, Bridgewater is getting a six-day Memorial Day weekend with Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday added thanks to unusually little snow this past winter.

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