‘She is dying in front of my house’ - Police release 911 calls from deadly Jefferson Township shooting

The chilling 911 calls from neighbors have been released after a veteran Newark police officer allegedly shot and killed his estranged wife, and injured another man.
The shooting happened back on July 14 on Mirror Place in the Oak Ridge section of Jefferson Township.
A nearby neighbor witnessed the entire incident unfold. Below is an excerpt as she describes it to the 911 operator.
911 Operator: 911 (unintelligible), what’s your emergency?
Caller: Hi, I live at . . . in the White Rock section and a man just shot his wife in front of my house.
911 Operator: He just what?
Caller: You got to hurry up because she is dying in front of my house, please.
911 Operator: OK ma'am, what town are you in ma'am.
Caller: Right off of Oak, we're right here off of White Rock Blvd. Please.
911 Operator: OK.
Caller: Newark Cop, he's a, he's a Newark cop. He lives on the corner. He shot her. I saw it. I saw him through my window.
911 Operator: OK ma'am. Ma'am hold on, take a deep breath for me, OK?
Caller: He's in uniform.
911 Operator: OK, give me one second, alright?
Caller: She's dying in front of my house.
911 Operator: I have to contact Jefferson ma'am, OK?
Caller: Yes, yes, hurry up please.
911 Operator: Give me one second, OK?
Caller: Bye, bye, bye.
Lt. John Formisano was arrested just hours later at his parents’ house in Livingston.
The 24-year-veteran of the Newark police force allegedly killed his estranged with Christine and shot and injured a 40-year-old man who was in the home.
The 911 caller stated Formisano was in uniform when it all happened.
According to court documents, Formisano says he blacked out during the shooting.
The couple’s children were home at the time, but were not injured.
He is facing several charges, including murder and attempted murder, among others.