Seaside Heights prepares for potential flooding amid heavy downpours

Mayor Tony Vaz says the bay area typically gets hit the hardest by flooding.

News 12 Staff

Apr 30, 2023, 9:16 PM

Updated 446 days ago


The Seaside Heights community prepared as best it could for potential flooding as heavy downpours continued into Sunday.
"We have people on 24-hour call. After roads are flooded, we block them off by barricades or truck," said Mayor Tony Vaz.
He added that they stepped up storm preparations after Sandy hit in 2012. He said the bay area typically gets hit the hardest.
"The areas that get flooded have been there for years. We can't do anything about it, especially when its flash flooding. Our storm drains are cleaned and maintained," Vaz said.
From the roads to the beach, Vaz said they got every section covered.
"We always look for erosion problems. We've been very fortunate. We haven't had too many problems," Vaz said.
Vaz recommended residents to take it slow behind the wheel or to stay home if at all possible.
In some cases, cars may need to be moved to higher ground.

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