Search continues for Paterson mom missing for 60 days

Friends, family and law enforcement officials are continuing the search for a Paterson mother who has been missing for nearly 60 days.
Shanaya Coley was reported missing Dec. 5, 2017. Investigators believe that Coley was abducted near her apartment at the Brooks-Sloat Terrace complex when she was leaving for work. Coley’s glasses and blood were found at the scene.
“When I got that phone call, my heart went dead,” says Coley’s mother Rachel Martin. “It’s still dead.”
Unopened Christmas presents are still stacked inside of Martin’s home while she waits on word from her daughter. Coley has a 4-year-old son. Martin says that he believes that his mother is with Santa Claus.
A large search effort was put into place when Coley went missing, including help from the U.S. Marshal Service and the FBI. But no one has been able to find her or get any leads on who may have taken her.
A $6,000 reward is being offered for information that could help find Coley. A digital billboard also went live Friday morning over McArthur Highway in Newark with information about her disappearance. The billboard was donated at no cost to Coley’s family.
Coley’s mother says that she is grateful for all of the love and support.
“I gave birth to Shanaya. I’m her mother but with all the support that I have and prayers, they are all Shanaya’s mother. They gave birth to her in their hearts,” Martin says.
Anyone who may have information about Coley’s disappearance is urged to contact the Paterson Police Department's detective bureau at 973-321-1120.