Rutgers police: Person charged for shooting people with Orbeez gun

A Rutgers University student tells News 12 New Jersey that he was one of the victims.

Ali Reid and Matt Trapani

Apr 19, 2024, 1:02 AM

Updated 39 days ago


Rutgers University police say a car they pulled over for reckless driving earlier this week was the same car that was involved in an incident where shots were fired at students on campus with an Orbeez gun. The suspects are being charged with harassment.
News 12 spoke exclusively with one of the students on campus who was shot at. He explained that a car pulled up next to him, and as the passenger side window rolled down, he was hit in the shoulder by the water beads.
“I was rattled, a little perplexed,” the student said.
The student, who wished to remain anonymous, managed to catch up to the car on foot before it sped off. Minutes later, he says the same vehicle had been pulled over by police cars after police flagged the car for erratic driving.
At the time, law enforcement did not realize it was the same vehicle in the separate incident just moments prior.
"If the police didn't pull them over, they would've been long gone and I never would have found out who did it," the student said.
Law enforcement located the Orbeez gun in the passenger side of the car. Rutgers University police stated the shooter was identified and charged by patrol on a complaint summons. No physical arrest was made.
The victim initially wondered if the situation was a biased incident since he was Jewish and was wearing a yarmulka at the time.
But the department says this does not appear to be the case since the vehicle was seen on Huntington Street shooting Orbeez pellets at another student, who was not wearing any items indicating their religious affiliation.
All suspects have been identified and will be charged with harassment.
Police say there are no other reports that the individuals were involved in these types of incidents in the past.

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