Rutgers Newark chancellor apologizes for video of her yelling at police

The chancellor of Rutgers University's Newark campus is apologizing after a video surfaced of her flaunting her position and yelling at campus police.
Nancy Cantor is heard on the video and shouting "If I miss my plane, you folks are in trouble!" to campus officers investigating a fender-bender involving her driver and a parked police SUV. The incident happened in March.
Cantor is also heard indignantly yelling “I’m the chancellor!” when an officer asked who she was.
The officers stayed calm throughout the incident. They repeatedly told Cantor and her staff that they couldn't let her car leave until they gathered details of the accident and got approval from their superiors.
Cantor and her car and driver were eventually allowed to leave for Newark Liberty International Airport. No tickets were issued.
A spokesperson for Rutgers University tells News 12 New Jersey, “The chancellor saw the video, apologized and her apology was accepted by those involved. There is really nothing to add to that."
It was unclear if Cantor would face any disciplinary action for her behavior.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.