Robbinsville police hand out chocolate badges instead of tickets for minor traffic violations

The event was to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to promote safe driving.

Matt Trapani

Feb 14, 2024, 10:38 PM

Updated 65 days ago


A local police department is showing some love to those pulled over on Valentine’s Day.
Instead of issuing tickets for minor vehicle violations, the Robbinsville Police Department let drive’s off with a warning and a custom chocolate police badge. The chocolate came from David Bradley Chocolates.
"We want these chocolates to serve as a sweet reminder to drive safe in our community and keep our roadways safe,” says Lt. Tom Egan, the officer who came up with the idea.
Egan says most of the stops were drivers who did not clear snow off their cars after Tuesday’s snowstorm. He says most were pleasantly surprised to avoid getting a ticket.

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