City blames ‘structural issue’ for water issues at Newark apartment building

Dozens of residents of a Newark apartment building say they've been living without running water for days.
The city of Newark told News 12 New Jersey that the water has not been shut off in the building at 244 Roseville Ave. and that this problem needs to be fixed by the landlord. The landlord/building owner has yet to resolve the issue.
Some residents thought the building owner didn’t pay the bill, but city officials say that’s not the case. The superintendent is also living at the building without water service.
Residents who live at 244 Roseville Ave. carrying gallons of water into their apartments as they continue to live without water service since Tuesday. Photos: Tony Caputo/News 12 New Jersey
“The city is telling me that it’s a structural problem. It’s a physical problem,” said Editza Ramos, the daughter of the building’s super. “The water's just not getting to the upper floors. We don’t have water downstairs either. We live in the basement, and we don’t have water.”
Apartment building 244 Roseville Ave. in Newark. Photo: Tony Caputo/News 12 New Jersey
However, water is still coming out of a faucet in the front of the building.
Some residents have been seen filling up containers and carrying them back into their homes.
“I had to go other places to take a shower, wash up," one resident told News 12. "I have a kid as well. I didn’t get no update right now. I don’t know what’s going on."