Rep. Gottheimer calls for extremist groups to be labeled ‘domestic terrorists’

Rep. Josh Gottheimer is calling for violent extremist groups to be labeled as domestic terrorists – among them groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.
The Democratic congressman says that the designation would cut them off from funding, disrupt international networks and stop their ability to train new recruits.
The call comes nearly two months since a failed insurrection at the United States Capitol by several right-wing groups. But Gottheimer says that this is about more than what happened at the Capitol.
“Jan. 6 was just one single day, but many factors have brought us to this point. Hate, extremism and violent acts of hate and discrimination have disturbingly risen for years,” Gottheimer said. “There were supporters of mine with swastikas painted in front of their house. I’ve had swastikas on my campaign lawn signs and regularly anti-Semitic posts on social media.”
The Southern Poverty Law Center and similar civil rights groups have classified the Proud Boys as a hate group.
Gottheimer’s announcement came on the same day that the United States Senate held its first public hearing on security failures that occurred on Jan. 6 at the Capitol.
Officials are looking for insight as to what happened in both the lead-up to and during the events of that day.