Pumping your own gas? New bill would allow gas stations to offer self-service option

A new bill in Trenton would allow gas stations to offer a self-service option.
New Jersey is the only state in the nation where it is illegal for a motorist to pump their own fuel. But a new bill in Trenton would allow gas stations to offer a self-service option.
Assembly members Carol Murphy, Ned Thomson and Annette Chaparro cosponsored a bill that would set up a hybrid system, giving the option of offering self-serve gas while requiring stations with four or more pumps to continue to offer full service.
“I find it easier, super easier. Instead of waiting for [the gas station attendant] and they just take their time. I like to get out and go,” says tow truck driver Gabriel Oliveras.
The sponsors of the bill say that those who choose self-service could save 15 cents per gallon on gasoline.
But not everyone in New Jersey wants to pump their own gas.
“I don’t want to drip gas on my shoes. I don’t know how to do it. Maybe if somebody taught me once,” says Linda Farrell, of Edison. “Teach me once and I’ll know how."
But even if the bill passes through the state Legislature, there is no guarantee that Gov. Phil Murphy would sign it. In March 2020, the governor personally sent out a message on Twitter that read, PLEASE NOTE: We have no plans to turn our gas stations into self-serve at this time. Please DO NOT pump your own gas."
The bipartisan bill was introduced Monday in the State House. The sponsors say that not only will it lower the price of gas, but it also won’t take jobs away from the industry.
For the elderly and people with disabilities, the bill would allow them to fill up at full-service pumps but pay the same price as self-service.
If the bill becomes law, it would take 90 days to go into effect.