Protesters say ‘rotten’ Kearny landfill is a hazard to their health

Protests erupted in Hudson County Saturday over a landfill that homeowners say is a hazard to their health.
Hundreds are asking for relief from a rotten smell and the health hazards they say have been caused by constant noxious gases at the site of Kearny's Keegan landfill.
Mayor Alberto Santos says Keegan's emissions of hydrogen sulfide are at a dangerous level – even higher than readings at other landfills that have already been shut down.
The landfill is right next to Harvey Field, an area where many children play sports during the week.
The NJ Sports and Exposition Authority owns the landfill. While they did not comment on Saturday’s protest, they have said they're taking every measure to ensure health and environmental safety at Keegan.
The Township of Kearny has filed two lawsuits to support the public’s complaints – one against the Department of Environmental Protection and the other against the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority.