Police: Yonkers drive-by shooting was targeted attack

Police say the drive-by shooting in Yonkers that injured four people was a targeted attack.
The incident occurred Thursday around 4 p.m. when sources say a light-colored sedan drove up Elm Street, and unleased gunfire on a group of mostly teens. A person leaned out the rear window of the sedan, and people instantly fell to the ground trying to get cover.
Three men and a woman were injured in the drive-by shooting. The woman suffered the most injuries.
Police officials say all of the victims are in the hospital and are expected to survive.
This latest incident coupled with the shooting of a 6-year-old boy just over a month ago a block over on Ash Street has people in the community searching for answers.
"It's tragic that four individuals were shot in broad daylight. I'm driving right now, and I see a lot of kids coming out of school, walking up and down this street. It could've been any one of those kids," said Freddy Vazquez, a Yonkers activist.
Police say they have several people in custody for the crime.
They also have recovered 9-millimeter shell casings and what is believed to be the gun used in the shooting.
Police say this was a targeted attack and the shooting was gang-related.