Police: Pedestrian killed in Elizabeth at what is considered to be one of the most dangerous intersections in the US

Police say a man was struck and killed by a vehicle while trying to cross Routes 1 & 9 in Elizabeth near East Grand Street. They say he was killed Monday while trying to cross against the green light.
This intersection was recently determined to be one of the most dangerous in the country.
Another dangerous intersection is four blocks away at East Jersey Street. Pedestrians who use those intersections to get to the grocery store or work say that they often feel like they are risking their lives when simply trying to cross the highway.
Jinet Ryes says she does her best to avoid crossing the roads on foot.
“You kind of have to be on your toes, look both ways, pray for the best and run,” she says. “It sucks that they kind of have to risk their lives to cross that street.”
Danielle Lodato, of Elizabeth, says she has had her share of close calls when cars creep into the crosswalk.
“I get so afraid because these look at right here so how they go in my walkway,” she says. “They’re storming and racing to get to where?”
The New Jersey State Police report that 130 people have been killed by cars across the state since January.