Police: Over 100 fugitives arrested in operation 'Long Island Wave'

Police say over 100 fugitives have been arrested on Long Island from May 2 through May 13 - dubbed the "Long Island Wave."
According to officials, 18 state and local law enforcement departments as well as federal partners joined together to create a 200 person officer task force. The operation was a culmination of months of planning.
Officials say the task force arrested criminals they call the worst of the worst, including 69 gang members and 160 fugitives.
"Fugitive enforcement is some of the most dangerous work you can do in law enforcement," says Kevin T. Catalina, undersheriff for the Suffolk Sheriff's Office.
The charges they are facing include homicide, attempted murder, robbery, weapon possession and more.
"Every time you take a bad guy off the street, that is one less victim that we are going to have," says Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder
Some of those arrest in the operation include Lenroy Stewartson, an alleged Crips gang member who had an open warrant for a gun sale case and Daniel Davenport, an alleged Bloods gang member who had an open case for reckless endangerment.
The U.S. Marshals Service says everyone came back safe and no one got hurt in the operation.