Police: Marlboro Township Public Schools, Trenton Board of Ed receive 'unfounded' bomb threats

Police say that the threats were not deemed to be credible and no explosive devices were found.

Chris Keating and Jim Murdoch

Apr 18, 2024, 1:22 PM

Updated 37 days ago


Bomb threats levied at schools in Marlboro and the Trenton Board of Education prompted a large law enforcement response Thursday morning.
Police say that emails sent to the Marlboro Township Public School District stated that explosives were placed in the Board of Education building and at Memorial Middle School.
Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik tells News 12 New Jersey the threat was sent via email at 6:14 a.m. He’s been assured by New Jersey State Police and the state Office of Homeland Security that all is safe.
“We are confident that there is no bomb in any of these schools,” Hornik says. “They are saying this is a low-risk threat. It is not credible.”
When the threat was made classes were canceled and police immediately started a search with canine units of school buildings.
Local and state police, Homeland Security and the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office were all involved in the search. Schools were closed with only patrol cars stationed at entrances.
While the mayor could not add specifics about what the threat stated or who sent it, he did say, “The email seems to have bounced off something in Nigeria…which means it was planned and there are groups that do this.”
The schools will reopen on Friday.
Because the Board of Education building is close to the town hall, that government building was also closed for a time.
All buildings and operations have resumed.
The bomb threat also included the Board of Education building in Trenton.
Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora says that around 7 a.m., New Jersey State Police notified local police and the district about the threat. Crews immediately evacuated the Trenton Board of Education Central Office building and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in by the county to do a sweep. A short time later the threat was deemed unfounded and the staff were allowed to carry on with their day and resume work.
One aspect still not clear was whether the threat was meant for New Jersey state education offices. Mayor Gusciora says Trenton and state offices are often confused.
“I talked to the school superintendent and the threat was specifically targeted to this building. Out of abundance of caution, we've checked around, but we definitely cleared the building and people are going back to work everything is back to normal,” said Gusciora.
At no time were any schools in Trenton the target of the unfounded bomb threats. Employees at the administration offices were allowed back inside after 9 a.m.

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