Police: Man shot during attempted carjacking in Woodbridge

A Woodbridge man is recovering after he was shot outside of his home during an attempted carjacking.

News 12 Staff

Jun 20, 2022, 10:12 PM

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A Woodbridge man is recovering after he was shot outside of his home during an attempted carjacking.
Police say that the incident happened Thursday night. A neighbor rushed to help the victim moments after he was shot.
“I had seen the woman’s face and she was lost. She was lost, crying hysterically, holding her husband’s head. I couldn’t turn away,” says good Samaritan Steven Oliveira.
Oliveira says he was at home in his garage when he heard the one gunshot that was fired in this carjacking. He walked around the corner to Kline Boulevard to find a neighbor shot in the arm.
“His left arm was just covered in blood… I couldn’t just sit there and stand over the guy and wait for someone to show up,” Oliveira says.
Oliveira has some basic medical training, so he says he ran home and grabbed his medical kit.
“Grabbed my trauma shears, my tourniquet, pair of gloves,” he says.
Oliveira was able to tend to the victim long enough to keep him conscious until police arrived.
“He was in and out. He would close his eyes and move for a minute, so I was trying to wake him up – smacked him in the face a couple of times,” Oliveira says.
Woodbridge police say the victim was driving with his wife to their home on Klein Boulevard, and didn't realize they were being followed. The two carjackers wanted the victim's blue 2022 Lexus.
Police say the suspects were driving a red Toyota Rav 4. One suspect told the wife to hand over the keys, but the husband refused. Police say the husband confronted one of the suspects and struck him in the face with a phone.
This is when the husband was shot, according to police. He collapsed in the grass at the end of the driveway.
"The shell casing was in the middle of the road so he must have been chasing the perps out from his driveway because they noticed he wasn't giving up his keys,” Oliveira says.
Police say carjackings are extremely rare in Woodbridge but, similar to other townships, cars have been targeted for thefts. The suspects are still at large.
Police say one of the suspects is a Black man last seen wearing a gray hoodie and black mask.
Anyone who may have information about the incident is asked to contact Woodbridge police.

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