Police: Man arrested for second time this year for avoiding tolls on GWB

Port Authority Police say that a New Jersey man has been arrested for the second time this year for allegedly using a device to block out his license plate so that he would not have to pay for the toll on the George Washington Bridge.
Officials say that police officers spotted Adam Jimenez allegedly using a plate-flipping device as he traveled through the toll plaza.
Jimenez faces several charges, including of theft of service, tampering with public records, possession of burglar's tools and possession of fraudulent documents.
Authorities say that Jimenez was also arrested in February for allegedly using a remote-controlled electronic curtain to cover his license plate. 
“Our message to toll cheats is clear: break the law and we’ll catch you. Tolls fund the critical infrastructure that stitch our region together, and free riders will not be allowed to skate by,” wrote Port Authority spokesman Lenis Valens in a statement.
Port Authority officials say that the agency recovered more than $21 million in past due tolls and fees in 2022.