Police: Gift card scams growing across Hudson Valley

Authorities are issuing an alert about a growing scam in the Hudson Valley involving gift cards.
Gift cards are popular and simple presents to give, but they’re also popular among scammers who try to steal your hard earned cash. 
The Federal Trade Commission reports that gift cards and reload cards are some of the top methods fraud victims use to send money to scammers. 
The FTC also found that between the years of 2017 and 2020 fraudsters got their hands on about $305 million from victims of gift card and reload card scams. 
The FBI states that if a person asks you to purchase gift cards and then provide the redemption codes that is likely a scam.
In fact, they say fraudsters use those funds to buy goods and services, which might not even be legitimate. The worst part is that you will most likely never get reimbursed for the money you spent for those gift cards. 
Recently, an elderly customer at the Target in Mount Kisco nearly fell victim. The man was set to shell out $1,000 until a concerned security guard, Solangy Ramos, steered the man clear from losing out on a whole lot of money.
Target tells News 12 the company has been training their employees even more this year to help prevent gift card scams.
In a statement they issued, a Target spokesperson says, "We are aware of the prevalence of gift card scams and take them very seriously. We have signs in our stores and share general safety tips with our team members through training, so they can stay alert and help guests as best as they can at our registers.”
Authorities say if you have fallen victim to a gift card or reload card scam, report it to the FBI at ic3.gov. This information will help investigate these criminals.