Police: Elderly woman found dead following house fire in Ocean County

Police say an elderly woman was found dead Thursday night following a fire in Jackson Township.
The fire started inside a home on Lehigh Boulevard.
A young woman who lives just across the street says she called the elderly woman Aunt Sally. They were neighbors her entire life. 
“By the time we got out here, it literally was all flames and smoke,” says Frankie Leotsakos, of Jackson.
Jackson Township Police Chief Matthew Kunz tells News 12 New Jersey one person inside the home leaped from the second floor in order to escape the fire. That person suffered minor injuries but refused medical attention. She was the daughter-in-law of the woman who passed away. News 12’s Tony Caputo spoke with her sister
“She’s upset, she’s in shock right now. Yes. she’s sore,” says Heather McGovern, of Manchester.
“She called for help and I ran out,” says Leotsakos. “She had already jumped off the second floor, and she jumped into the bushes and that was it. Flames, smoke, everything was already out there, so I couldn’t even go in to get the elderly woman, the dog and her husband was already at work.”
Kunz says three first responders also sustained minor injuries.
“The firefighters. I applaud them,” says Katie Gutman, of Jackson. “We had firefighters from all towns coming over. Howell, Lakewood and all of Jackson here taking care of those flames.”
The deceased woman's identity was not immediately released.
The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.