Police: Car stolen out of New York City in September found in Paterson

A 2021 Acura TSX that was stolen in New York City in September has been found in Paterson, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.
Authorities say that detectives caught wind that the Acura was being sold by a person with a fictitious identity. The vehicle also had a false vehicle identification number.
The sheriff’s office says that detectives discovered that the Acura was in Paterson on Tuesday. Detectives pulled over the driver, identified as Sergio Del Jesus Dias Ramirez, and took him into custody.
Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik says that this investigation was part of an effort to reduce the number of stolen vehicles in the county.
“Stolen vehicles hurt all auto insurance customers by adding to increased rates. In fact, in addition to the person whose vehicle was stolen, all auto insurance customers are indirectly victims of this criminal behavior,” Bednik wrote in a statement.
Ramirez faces multiple charges, including receiving stolen property and possession of a vehicle with an altered VIN.