Plainfield mayor files lawsuit against owners of condemned apartment building

It has been two months since the residents of 501 West Seventh St. in Plainfield were forced out of their apartments when the building was condemned. As tenants are still navigating to find housing, Mayor Adrian Papp is taking legal action against the landlord, aiming to speed up the process of fixing these buildings.
Mapp filed a lawsuit against Cyclone Investment last month. The company owns five recently condemned buildings in Plainfield, including at 501 West Seventh St. Mapp is asking the court to appoint a receiver that if successful, will collect the rents from those apartments still occupied. And that money will go towards fixing the buildings.
News 12 New Jersey has learned from tenants that they have seen people who didn't live in these buildings breaking into the properties and even into tenants’ vehicles parked outside.
"I can't afford to live anywhere because it is too expensive. My husband, five children and I are staying at a family's home for now. But we need to come back here as soon as possible. The mayor needs to make sure the repairs are made," says Santa Cojon. She has lived in the building for 18 years.
There isn't an exact date for when these repairs will be completed. News 12 reached out to Cyclone Investment and is waiting for a response.