Piscataway fire chief accused of throwing mud and rocks on business owner's rare sports car

Surveillance video from outside of the fire department appears to show Chief Josh Skolnick vandalizing the vehicle.

Chris Keating

May 10, 2024, 9:23 PM

Updated 10 days ago


The chief of a Piscataway fire department has been slapped with a charge of criminal mischief.
Police tell News 12 New Jersey that Chief Josh Scolnick, with Arbor Hose No. 1, is accused of throwing a bucket full of mud and rocks onto someone’s rare sports car.
Surveillance video from outside of the fire department appears to show Skolnick tossing a bucket full of rocks and mud onto the car not once, but twice. The video was from Saturday night.
That car is a rare race car, a Nissan 270-R-Nismo, owned by Mark Bahna, who imported the vehicle from Japan. It was once owned by race car driver and Japanese Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya.
“This was a drift car that Nissan produced back in the 90’s – 1995,” Bahna says. “They were supposed to build only 50 of these cars and they ended up building only 30.”
Bahna says the car not only has scratch marks, but a dent on the door and cracks to the front bumper that he believes were done by the fire chief.
Bahna owns the building next door to the fire station. A building he rents out to a wrestling club. But Bahna says he has never had an issue with the chief, so he can’t understand why his car was targeted.
“This car is very special…I made sure it was on my property,” Bahna says. “I don’t know what would cause someone to do this.”
Bahna has been told that his car was targeted because drain water from the building runs onto fire department property. But Bahna says the drainage was in place before he bought the property.
Bahna has hired an attorney and will ask Piscataway to pay for damages.
News 12 New Jersey could not locate Skolnick for a comment on the allegations. News 12 also reached out to Fire District 3, which manages the department, but did not get a response.

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