PEACOCKS PRIDE: Jersey City bars host watch parties as St. Peter’s plays Purdue

Bars across Jersey City expect to be packed with St. Peter’s basketball fans.
Most of the establishments in the city are hosting watch parties for the Peacocks’ Sweet 16 game against Purdue tonight.
902 Brewing Company in the Bergen-Lafayette section of town will be serving Peacock Pilsner in celebration.
“It’s been Peacock Pride since they’re in the tournament,” says co-owner Colby Janisch. “If you go around Jersey City, there’s banners everywhere. The city is excited to have the small college doing the Cinderella run.”
Peacock pride is also strong at O’Leary’s Publik House. Owner Kevin Hennessey played for the team in the mid-1990s. The bar has always been a Peacocks bar. Hennessey says that he is OK with all the other bars in Jersey City and Hudson County jumping on the bandwagon with their own watch parties.
“We’ve always been Peacocks. I played there a long time ago. I shouldn’t say I played – I saw the bench a long time ago,” Hennessey says. “I’m proud of these boys. They are playing their butts off.”
He says that he predicts his watch party – which will include some of his old teammates – will be purely “March Madness.”
“I’m ecstatic this is going on – it’s nuts. It’s great for Jersey City, great for everybody. These kids – I hope they really know how lucky they are. And I hope they are enjoying every second of it. We’re really proud of them,” Hennessey says.
He says that the players have really brought hope back to Jersey City and New Jersey – something that is really needed with all that has been happening in the world lately.